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2020 Advertising

Print Advertising Still Works!

Whoever said, “Print advertising is dead,” doesn’t understand the value of the printed word.

The 45-70 year old market still enjoys reading a printed newspaper over coffee. Ask any of us. There is something about the Interaction that happens when we literally turn the pages with our hands. That movement invokes an emotional response to the printed words we just read. It’s not the same response we feel when we casually skim through the same news on an e-reader.

We, the 45-70 year olds are a tactile group.

Print Directories

None of us would openly admit to missing the old printed Yellow Pages. At 6 point font, it’s too hard for us to read, even with our bifocals.

We do miss the convenience of having local businesses’ phone numbers – landlines and cell phones – all in one directory.

This is why advertising in Terra Essentials works! Terra Essentials connects us with local businesses that support healthy living.

If healthy living is your target markets, then contact us today.

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    Terra Essentials is a print and online directory for the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. Our focus is building a healthy and sustaining community.

    In 2009, Equinaut Publishing printed the first Terra Essentials directory. The purpose of the directory was to provide a list of holistic health practitioners who offered different solutions in the area of healthcare.